The Lafayette City-Parish Council had on it's agenda Tuesday night a discussion item aimed at another attempt to end the rebate businesses get for turning over their sales tax collections on time, but the vote on it has now been postponed to Tuesday, June 18

The council's agenda included an introductory ordinance that would end the rebate to businesses.  While it will be up for introductory ordinance on June 18, the real discussion on the issue likely will happen two weeks after when it is up for final adoption if council members approve it then.  Although, only one from the public who fills out a blue card at that meeting, will have their five minutes to give their opinion of the measure.

Retail businesses collect and remit sales taxes to the government.  Businesses that remit their tax collections on time to the city and parish will get a two percent rebate for doing so.

Some members of the Lafayette City Parish council would like to end that process.

If the program ends, the city of Lafayette's coffers would get another $1.4 million each year, and the parish would get $104,000.