Back in January, Lafayette City Parish Council Kenneth Boudreaux says he would work to put together a ordinance that ban smoking in any clubs or bars in Lafayette.

Tomorrow, Boudreaux will bring his ordinance to the council agenda.

Boudreaux has been working with musician Chubby Carrier and the group Tobacco-Free Living to craft the ordinance that bans smoking. The ordinance also bans electronic cigarettes in bars.

Back in January Boudreaux said,


"Second-hand smoke has killed more people than any car or any speeder." Boudreaux said, comparing the ban of smoking indoors to using seat belts and enforcing speed limits. "It is our obligation to protect others in the public."


Carrier, a Grammy-winning entertainer, says he plays music most of the year, and he says many musicians, bartenders and servers don't want to work in an environment where they can't get away from second-hand smoke.

Tomorrow night's meeting starts at 5:30 p.m.

Kenneth Boudreaux announced on Friday he will seek re-election.