Due to recent turmoil at Ville Platte's Sacred Heart School the head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette, Bishop Michael Jarrell, is having to step in to maintain peace among members of the community.

Arguments from the community have involved the effectiveness of Principal Diane Fontenot. Contentions about how the school is operating has heated tempers enough for some to resort to  vandalism. Some of the reported cases that Jarell condemned involve broken windows on vehicles and vulgar graffiti.

Rev. Jarrell, who served as pastor of Sacred Heart Church for many years, and current Pastor, Rev. Jason Vidrine released a plan of action to ameliorate the situation at the Ville Platte School. The plan includes the following items:

  • Creating a committee of unbiased individuals to conduct an inquiry and make recommendations to Rev. Vidrine. Jarrell hopes the committee will make its findings by June 30.
  • Provided the recommendations are approved by both Rev. Jarell and Rev. Vidrine, Fontenot must comply with the recommendations of the committee.
  • The role and function of each of the following contentious issues will be addressed by the committee: The School's Advisory Council, The Athletic Booster Club and the Sacred Heart School Foundation.