A seven and a half month search for an escapee has come to an end.

In late September of last year, Marcus Dupuis of Lafayette ran away from a minimum security facility in downtown Lafayette. Three people were arrested for allegedly helping him hide from police.

Dupuis made it out to Nevada, where sheriff's deputies in Lyon County recognized him Friday with two other guys at a truck stop. When deputies approached him, they say he gave them a fake name, then pushed one of the deputies and tried to run away when authorities caught on to him. Dupuis was arrested after a police dog stopped him.

The extradition process has begun, but police say they don't know whether Dupuis intends to waive or fight extradition.

Dupuis was serving a two-year sentence for violating his probation related to a possession of marijuana conviction. Once he is returned to Louisiana a trial date will be set in Lafayette Parish for simple escape and he will continue to serve the remainder of his two-year sentence.