The Lafayette Foundation on Aging has started a new program called, "Adopt-a-Senior" in an effort to help feed senior citizens who are no longer able to cook for themselves.  The administrators of the program says the Sequester has reduced federal funding to the Louisiana Senior Meals program by $488,000.

The cost of each meal, not including the delivery cost, is $3.03, and the group delivered 117,300 meals this past year, but the cost in funding means the organization worries they won't have enough funding to meet the demand for delivered meals.

The Lafayette Foundation on Aging provides the majority of 469 meals that are requested to be delivered each day to ask risk senior citizens in Lafayette Parish.

The agency says that donating is simple.  The Adopt-a-Senior program cost $60 each month or $700 a year.

If you are interested in donating any amount of money you can visit or you can call Larry Baker at 262-5900.

You can also request the name of the individual you have adopted.  Donations are used to purchase meals, not to pay salaries.