Six-year-old Lafayette girl Kéani Page released a balloon into the sky with a letter to Santa attached, asking for a tablet, light-up shoes, and a turtle. Well, you're never going to believe where it landed four days later. Incredible.

KLAF reports that Rachel Goffinet found the balloon and the letter to Santa, nearly 800 miles away in Evanston, Indiana. So, what's incredible about the letter landing in Evanston? Well, guess what town is only 10 miles away from Evanston? Santa Claus, Indiana!

Kéani and her 10-year-old sister decided their letters to Santa Claus would get to him quicker if they used the balloons instead of mailing them.

Goffinet, who found the balloon in Evanston tells that the balloon was traveling in the perfect direction to make it to Santa Claus, In too. She's says Santa Claus is only 10 miles north of where she found it.

Now, the story gets even better. Goffinet decided she would make the little girl's Christmas wishes come true.

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Friday morning, Kéani had a special present under her tree from the big man himself.

"Dear Kéani, I received your princess balloon with your wish list," an attached note read.