Project Front Yard and Lafayette Consolidated Government are teaming up to ask local elementary and middle schools to participate in the Plastic Roundup Challenge.

The six month program challenges schools to collect plastic bags that will be recycled into free planter boxes or benches for their school.

City Parish President says the benefits of schools joining the challenge are two-fold:

"The project benefits our community today in the most obvious way by helping to keep our landscape beautiful and litter-free.  The second benefit is for our future.  These kids are learning today to be good stewards of the environment and responsible citizens of the future. They will be necessary momentum and cultural shift that carries this initiative forward."

The challenge is open to all the elementary and middle schools in Lafayette Parish.

Several groups teamed up this past Spring for the pilot program at Lafayette Middle including:

  • The 705
  • The PAR Real Estate Companies
  • Levi Kastner of Liberty Mutual
  • Albertson's

This year's program starts on America Recycles Day on November 15 and goes through the end of the week before Earthy day which is April 22, 2016.

Each particpating school will get 3 recycling bins for their school, and to sign up you can contact Lisa Mahoney at or you can call 291-5637.

The deadline to sign up for the Plastic Roundup Challenge is Friday, November 6.

To find out more about Project Front Yard, please click here.