Yesterday, a house fire did some massive damage to a home in Lafayette and sent a firefighter to the hospital temporarily.

The fire department responded to the call around 1:00 in the afternoon about a fire on Mayo Street. After taking around 40 minutes to get the fire under control, a firefighter sustained a few injuries after a some pieces of sheet rock fell from the ceiling and struck him. He was released later after an evaluation at the hospital.
Mary Charles and her son, the residents of the home, were unaware of the fire until a passing neighbor saw the smoke and knocked on their door to tell them.
The fire was determined to have originated in the wall, in an electrical outlet, which then traveled up to the attic.  The house was wired with aluminum and firefighters say that it's common for the connections between the aluminum and the outlets can loosen over time.  Because of that, they are saying that the fire was ruled an accident.