LCG District 4 Council Member Kenneth Boudreaux joined Bernadette Lee in studio on Acadiana's Morning News Wednesday to discuss pressing topics facing the council.

First, Boudreaux addressed the one-year extension of the city's agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems. Boudreaux said the program is primarily about safety, but it also is a revenue source for the municipality.

The next topic Boudreaux tackled was the ongoing issue of what qualifications Lafayette's police and fire chiefs should have when taking the posts. Talks have begun as to whether or not the chiefs should have a four-year college degree, or does sufficient experience alone warrant hiring a candidate.

The issue has surfaced as LCG is considering a permanent replacement for former Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft who us now serving as as executive director of the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement.

With Craft's absence, Capt. Reginald "Reggie" Thomas was appointed the department's interim police chief. Thomas has acquired a long list of experience-based qualifiactions during his 25-year tenure with the Lafayette Police Department, including National FBI Academy credentials, but he does not have a college degree.

Reginald Thomas (Photo Courtesy of KATC)

Recently, Lafayette's Fire and Civil Service Board voted not to change the qualifications to allow for Thomas, or others without a degree, to hold the chief's post.

Boudreaux said public input is vital on this issue. He strongly urges LCG's constituents to voice their opinion on the matter.