There will be a rally with several groups that will go from the intersection of Kaliste Saloom and Ambassador Caffery to the Acadiana Mall.

According to the Facebook page, "Black Live Matter", there are rules and guidelines for today's event.

Here is what today's post says about the walk:


"We will meet near Target on Ambassador Caffery and march *towards* the Mall of Acadiana--we'll announce the ending demonstration to honor those whose lives have been negatively affected by the gross misconduct of officers the day of the event. Please be mindful that we must work TOGETHER to make this successful--guidelines will be posted daily to make sure we are on the same page.

If you believe that police training and expectations needs to be reformed to reduce bullying, negligence, assault, and murder, this protest is for you! The power that officers hold needs to be "checked" by another entity to balance it out. Every human has inalienable rights, and officers need to uphold the law ETHICALLY as agents of the state."