Lafayette Police have arrested 23-year-old Javon Alexander for an armed robbery in the 100 block of Bachert Street at around 7:30 last night.

The two female victims told police that a black male suspect walked up to their car with a gun, and he demanded their money.

After getting their money, the man took off running. No one was hurt during the robbery.

Later that night, Lafayette Police were called out to investigate an illegal discharge of a firearm at the intersection of 8th and East Foch Streets.

An officer parked his car in that area, and he started searching on foot. He found a man holding a pistol. The man was given multiple verbal commands to put down his weapon, and the man didn't, at which time the officer fired two shots.

The suspect, Javon Alexander, was not hit, but he did lay down on the ground.

The officer says when trying to take Alexander into custody, he kept resisting.

He was finally handcuffed and taken to the Lafayette Police Department for questioning.

After the investigation, Alexander was identified at the suspect in the Bachert Street robbery.

Alexander was charged with the following:

  • Armed robbery
  • Felon possession of a firearm

As is department policy, the officer has been placed on administrative leave while the administration investigates the situation.