An accused child predator that has been living in Lafayette has been arrested.

With the help of a mother, police in East Montgomery County say they have been to gather evidence of what 49-year-old Duane Parker was doing online, allegedly befriending preteen girls through Facebook, including not only messages that were sexual in nature, but webcam video of him masturbating while discussing what he wanted to do to his victims.

Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden had this to say about Parker:

He’s the person you warn your kids about, and the reason we have to teach our children not to talk to strangers in person or online, even if they seem nice. At almost 50 years old, Mr. Parker managed to befriend well over a dozen little girls without their parents’ knowledge with the intention of using them for his own twisted sexual gratification.

Police say Parker is also accused of sexually abusing his then 6-year-old daughter in 2008. That complaint was filed that year by the child's then 24-year-old mother. Records indicate the girl was born when the mother was 17 and Parker was 39. The couple split up but Parker was able to retain parental rights to the now 10-year-old girl. Police say she, along with another young girl, was with Parker when he was arrested and during his time in Lafayette.

Police say his business, "1-800-CRAWFISH" or "Crawfish Unlimited" involves frequent trips between south Louisiana and southeast Texas. It was through his business that police say they were able to identify and arrest Parker

Police say it's unclear when Parker moved to Lafayette because he kept his Texas Driver's License, which has the address of what is now a parking lot and was once a UPS store when he rented a mailbox. Parker lived in Texas in 2008 when his daughter's mother called Child Protective Serviecs.

Parker has also been accused of other illegal acts that include him being convicted for exposing his penis to a 17-year-old Starbucks employee in Galveston 2 years ago.

Police believe there may be many more victims who have not come forward or who never knew Parker's true identity.

So far, Duane Parker (a.k.a. Parker Duane, a.k.a. Johnny Pepper) is charged with 2 counts of second-degree felony Online Solicitation of a Minor Under 14 (Montgomery County) and 1 count of first-degree felony Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child (Galveston County). Parker is in jail on a $300,000 bond ($100,000 for each charge).