A Lafayette man has been arrested after he allegedly used his shotgun to shoot at drivers passing through his flooding neighborhood.

Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office says a 68-year-old man and his 14-year-old grandson were trying to get to their home near Rue Coup Civique when Kelly Quirk approached them with the shotgun.

Judice says Quirk was "apparently concerned that the wake from the passing [drivers] would cause the water to enter his home."

Judice says Quirk threatened to shoot the pair if they continued driving. When they ignored him and continued on, that's when Judice says Quirk fired his shotgun in their general direction. Police believe Quirk may have shot at several other drivers during the day.

Quirk was booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on charges of aggravated assault and illegal discharge of a firearm. He's since posted a $22,500 bond.