For the most part, Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court Louis Perret says voting in Lafayette Parish is going smoothly.  There was an exception this morning at Edgar Martin School after the poll commissioners realized that two of their voting books and machines had been sent by mistake to Prairie Elementary on Ambassador Caffery. Perret says,

" We actually had two precinct register books and machines delivered to Prairie Elementary school yesterday incorrectly.  It wasn't until the commissioner got there and unlocked the machine, that they went and picked it up. Uh, within thirty minutes people were voting.  I understand, and I acknowledge that many be are frustrated and have waited in line.  And I think that is going to pretty much be the case all day today when you have 70 percent voter turnout.  I encourage people to please be patient and to work with us."

The Lafayette Clerk of Court says one of the other main issues for folks is that they may not be quite sure about their polling location. Perret tells KPEL, "The main problems seem to be that the people that only show up once every four years to vote may not know what precinct they're voting at."  If you do not know, you can log onto the Secretary of State's website to find out.  Click here.

Polls close at 8 p.m.

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