These days everyone is on Facebook. And when we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE. According to KATC's Erin Steuber, two Lafayette Parish inmates have been secretly active on social media for close to a month. This crazy story only gets wilder when you see their pictures taken from inside the cell, and read the statuses they posted while serving time.




The question everyone around Acadiana is asking this morning is how? How did they sneak in an internet capable device, how do they charge this device, and how have they been getting away with it for so long? Captain Kip Judice of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office is asking the same questions.

Every inmate is completely strip searched when they come into the facility,” said Judice. “Certainly no body cavity searches are conducted unless there is a cause for it, there has to be some kind of cause for a cavity search. [via KATC]

Since the story was broken by KATC (based on a viewer tip), the jail is reportedly on lockdown as investigators search for the devices the inmates used to connect to Facebook. Both Domingue and Bourque (below) are previously convicted felons, in prison for armed robbery amongst other things. In addition to being held in the same jail, they are also friends on Facebook.

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