Students in Lafayette Parish were out for Memorial Day this year, but they won’t be next year.

It’s part of a new calendar that seeks to define holidays and keep teacher in-service days from interfering with the flow of regular school days. Louise Chargois, Director of Curriculum and Instruction with the Lafayette Parish School System, says this is not the first time students will have school on Memorial Day.

"Traditionally, when school ends as late as Memorial Day or after we've historically not had Memorial Day as a holiday."

Chargois says the calendar is pretty much close to what they've had in the past.  She says they normally start about the end of the second week of August and usually end in the last week of May, sometimes before or after Memorial Day. She says it all depends on when Christmas falls. This year Christmas falls on a Tuesday.

"If Christmas falls in the middle of the week that causes Christmas to have a longer break which puts everything forward more and backward more."

The upcoming school year will begin two days earlier than normal. For the complete calendar for the 2012-2013 school year, click HERE.