Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mike Neustrom's office confirms to KPEL that the Sheriff has decided to endorse Mark Garber in his race to become the next Sheriff of Lafayette Parish.

Here is the letter Sheriff Neustrom sent to the media this morning:

"To the residents of Lafayette Parish:

I take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to you in electing me to serve as Sheriff of Lafayette Parish for the past sixteen years. I am proud of our men and women in uniform, and the successes and advancements we’ve made during these years.  My retirement brings you the opportunity to elect someone who can continue to move our office forward.

Nationally, law enforcement and corrections management strategies have changed drastically in the past 10 years. I am proud that our office has been in the forefront of these changes. It is vitally important that our next Sheriff and his staff continue to explore and utilize new and innovative methods to protect and serve the citizens of the most progressive parish inLouisiana.

For the last six months, I have been asked countless times to share my opinion as to who would best serve as the next Sheriff. I know all of the candidates; I have visited with each of them personally, and allowed them to visit with our office and meet our employees. I have thoughtfully listened to their ideas from interviews, forums, and public media. After careful consideration, I have decided that Mark Garber is the best person to serve as Sheriff of Lafayette Parish.

Mark Garber has the diverse background and experience needed to serve asLafayette’s next Sheriff.  Whether it is his commitment to professional law enforcement over politics, focus on education, safety, or communication, Mark has the character and tenacity to serve us well.  As the only candidate with law enforcement experience at both local and federal levels, Mark is the most qualified to wisely manage our eight hundred employees and eleven hundred inmates.  His many awards and achievements are a testament to his natural leadership ability.  He will bring innovation and integrity to the Sheriff’s office, and I ask that you give careful consideration to his candidacy.

I am prepared to work with the incoming Sheriff, in order to ensure an orderly and seamless transition. I urge all citizens to become active voters so that your voices and values can be reflected in this election.

Sincerely, Sheriff Michael W. Neustrom"


In addition to Garber there are three other men seeking the post.

Former State Trooper Rick Chargois, Scott Police Chief Chad Leger and John Rogers a Litigation Specialist for Risk management with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office.