Next Thursday, the Sheriff's Office Public Safety Complex will be the destination for a candidate's forum hosted by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's office.

The moderator for the forum is Dr. Pearson Cross who is the interim Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at UL. Cross served as the Head of the Political Science Department from 2009 through 2014.

The platform for the forum will offer each candidate the ability to answer Cross' questions outside of the presence of the other candidates.

While one candidate is answering questions, the other candidates will be in a seperate room. They will not be allowed to hear the comments of that candidate, and no candidate will be allowed the use of cell phones while they are waiting for their turn.

The decision on which order their candidates will speak in will be chosen at random.

The forum will be held next Thursday, August 27 at the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Public Safety Complex.

All four candidates who have annouced that they are running to be Lafayette's next sheriff will be at the forum. Residents will be able to hear the responses from Rick Chargois, Mark Garber, Chad Leger, and John Rogers.

The event starts at noon, and seating for the forum is limited.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Public Safety Complex is located at 1825 W Willow Street.