Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said he's opposed to a bill that would give his employees a raise.

Craft's referring to state Rep. Joel Robideaux's House Bill 794 that proposes a 2 percent raise for police when the city's sales taxes are 3 percent higher than the year before.

Craft said although he supports a pay increase for his employees, he doesn't think the state should mandate it. If passed, the proposal would cost Lafayette an estimated $6.7 million over the next five years.

Robideaux said at an Acadiana Press Club meeting Monday that he would not advance the bill until it's taken up by the city council, which expressed concerns at last night's meeting about the potential mandate.

Robideaux said he filed the bill at the request of the police union.

City-Parish President Joey Durel and several council members said they were opposed to the bill, saying the state shouldn't meddle in local budget decisions.