Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft joined Bernie and Brandon on 'Acadiana's Morning News' and discussed which crimes are on the increase during the holiday season and gave an update on the Tevin Lewis case.

Chief Craft encouraged listeners to be on the lookout for an increase in scams as the holidays approach.

You may receive a call saying you didn’t show up for court or jury duty, and have to pay with PayPal. That’s not how law enforcement operates. [Lafayette Police] and the Sheriff's Department will not call you and ask for money.

Chief Craft also offered insight into the ongoing investigation in the controversial shooting case of Tevin Lewis,

I made a point telling the media, there’s a common theme in all of these cases where police have had to use deadly force, and that’s compliance. We [the responding officers] were told they were armed, we knew we were going to be approaching 6 people with firearms. 5 of those 6 stayed still and kept their hands where we could see them and were taken into custody without incident.  One chose to run. Some have raised issues about shooting a guy in the back, but no one has said anything about what was a convicted felon who was on probation doing associating with a group of people dealing drugs and carrying a gun on his own person.

Click the image above to hear more of Chief Craft's thoughts on the Lewis case as well as how local law enforcement handles inclement weather and trick or treating.