The Lafayette Police Department showed their abilities at the Mid-South Police Motorcycle Competition in Mississippi.

There were a total of 60 riders who participated in the event from over 10 states.  The Lafayette Police Department won the following awards:

Officer Chris Anderson                                  -     1st Place Overall in the Competition

                                                                                    1st Place Division 1 Expert

                                                                                    2nd Place Individual Slow Ride

Officer Chad Fontenot                                    -     1st Place Division 3 Expert

Officer Jared Kunak                                        -     2nd Place Division1 Intermediate

Officer Brant Vice                                            -     3rd Place Division 1 Intermediate

                                                                                    1st Place Individual Slow Ride

The competition demonstrated the overall skills of the riders and provided excellent training for operating the motorcycles in difficult environments, such as inner city traffic.