28-year-old Orlando Washington, 22-year-old Kwame Cunningham, 32-year-old Lavar Kittelberger and 27-year-old Anthown Swan have been arrested in an alleged scheme that involved the Lafayette area and Calcasieu Parish.

Investigators say when they found the men at a local hotel room, they recovered $155,000.00 in stolen business checks, $18,000.00 in cash and $2,500.00 in equipment and proceeds.

Lafayette Police say they these fake checks were negotiated within the Lafayette and Calcasieu Parish areas during the months of September, October and November of 2012.

The four suspects have been charged with 29 counts of Bank Fraud, 29 counts of Forgery, 43 counts of conspiracy to commit Identity Theft and 1 count of Identity Theft. Investigators also arrested several men who were recruited locally by the suspects to cash the counterfeit checks.

Anyone with any additional information or may have been the victim of a commercial business check crime is encouraged to call the Lafayette Police Department at (337) 291-8600.  The case remains under investigation.