Lafayette Police are reacting to some of the latest news about where Brandon Scott Lavergne was in the hours after Mickey Shunick's disappearance.

Lavergne is charged with attempted kidnapping and first-degree murder. Corporal Paul Mouton says Lavergne was treated for stab wounds at a hospital in Jefferson Parish, several hours after Mickey vanished. Lavergne says he was attacked at a gas station in Metairie. Mouton says police had this information before they arrested Lavergne.

Along with other information that we pieced together in order to obtain those arrest warrants and for the reason that Lavergne is now in jail. We (are) just not yet ready to go into the specific details about that incident.

Lavergne's pickup truck was found, burned-up, in San Jacinto County, Texas. He says they continue to search areas around Lavergne's home and places he frequented for any possible sign of Mickey.

Lavergne will appear before a Lafayette Grand Jury on July 18th.