Since the beginning of November Lafayette has seen eight armed robberies. This surprising increase has police concerned and taking action. Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft stopped by "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" today for our "Lafayette Live" segment to discuss the recent rash of armed robberies and what steps police are taking to put an end to the crimes.

"Last year at this time we did not have the number of armed robberies that we are experiencing now," stated Chief Craft during his interview with KPEL.  "We’ve had about eight since December."

The armed robberies have taken place at connivence stores as well as one-on-one encounters.

Craft says the majority of crimes are taking place at night with young people, aged 18-30, making up the majority of the victims. Craft believes this is due to young people characteristically being up later at night and taking more unnecessary chances.

Craft encourages citizens to avoid walking alone at night, and whenever possible sticking to well lit main roads.

Chief Craft says Lafayette Police have increased patrols in the areas where the robberies have taken place and made connivence stores a point of interest for officers on patrol.

We’re hopeful that we’ll find out who these guys are and try to get them off the streets, especially as it gets closer to the holidays. - Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft

Aside from armed robberies, Chief Craft says vehicle robbery continues to be a major issue in Lafayette. Craft says criminals will walk car to car pulling on door handles until they find an open one.

We still encourage the folks to locks their vehicles. You may have had your door handle pulled on, and because it was locked you didn’t get victimized. - Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft

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