The principal of Acadian Middle School got approval from the Lafayette Parish School Board to work on some major changes at the poor performing school.

Principal Linda Nance asked for the board's approval to reconstitute the school.  She is hoping to re-staff at Acadian Middle and incorporate team-teacher practices to try to improve student's grades.

A reconstitution plan would allow school administrators and principals to overhaul faculty and staff.  The plan would also allow principals to implement new techniques to aimed at raising academic scores.

Nance spoke to members of the Lafayette Parish School Board Wednesday.  She told them it would cost around one quarter of a million dollars to hire four more teachers that would then be used to develop three-member teacher teams at the school.

The latest performance score for Acadian Middle was 76.2 which means they are a "D" rated school under Louisiana's accountability system.  Their performance numbers have been dropping over the last several years.  The number score was 85.1 in the 2008-2009 school year.

Acadian Middle School will become the third school in Lafayette Parish in five years to undergo a reconstitution.