A Lafayette School Board member has come out in support of Governor Bobby Jindal's education reform plan.

School Board member Kermit Bouillion represents Lafayette Parish School's fifth district, a district which includes Acadiana High School and the communities of Duson, Judice, Ridge, and Scott.

"Those people have told me without a shadow of a doubt that we need to work on the graduation rates," Bouillion says. "They're not nearly high enough."

Part of the Jinal plan would allow the use of taxpayer money to fund vouchers for students in under-performing school districts so that they could attend private schools. Critics have argued that such vouchers would undermine traditional public schools. And the ability of private schools to handle the capacity of interested students has also been called into question.

Bouillion, though "lukewarm" about the vouchers issue, believes anything that levels the playing field between public and private schools is a good thing.