Outgoing Lafayette Parish School Board President Shelton Cobb said serving a third consecutive term would be against his original intentions for the post.

"My intentions in the beginning were that the presidency could be revolving and that everybody who wanted to serve would have an opportunity at least to be nominated," said Cobb. "By serving consecutive terms, that doesn't work well with what my original feelings were."

Cobb was elected president unopposed in 2012 and 2013.

At the Board's Dec. 18 meeting, community members approached Rae Trahan, District 9, urging her to take the post. Second-term Vice President Hunter Beasley, District 8, is reportedly interested, as well.

The Advocate reported Greg Awbrey, District 6, and Kermit Bouillion, District 5, are interested in the vice presidency.

"We've got some activities that the majority wants to put forward," Cobb said. "Let's see what they have that's constructive."

Cobb released a letter Dec. 19 criticizing the Board's behavior after a year plagued by division among the body and with Superintendent Pat Cooper.

"We have made some progress in spite of this lack of support, but my greatest concern is that we will backslide quickly if we continue to violate our own rules, act unprofessionally and engage in backdoor dealing and infighting," Cobb wrote.

Cooper proposed a special mediation meeting that earned a split majority vote Dec. 18, yet no date has been set.

The Board will elect new officers at its Jan. 15 meeting.