Many changes have occurred for Lafayette Parish Public Schools since Dr. Pat Cooper took over as superintendent of schools.  Another change will be today for the school's custodial staff.  Most of the people who work to clean up the classrooms, cafeteria, common areas and more will be working the night shift now.  The janitors will be starting their work later in the afternoon, and they will be working a regular eight hour shift.

There will be one full time staff member working at the schools during the day, and all the rest will be shifted to a later full time work day.  Starting today, many janitors at Lafayette Parish public schools will start working the night shift. School Board President Pat Cooper says the change was approved months ago and will allow janitors to begin "deep cleaning" schools. But many people are concerned that some janitors will have to work late at night in neighborhoods that may not be safe. The new night shift will be from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.