Today on “Mornings With Ken & Bernie” newly chosen School Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper outlined his plans for Lafayette Parish Schools.

According to Cooper there are a number of schools in the parish that need repairs, renovation and better discipline.  Dr. Cooper said of these schools Northside High School was chosen to begin implementation of new maintenance plans as well as new disciplinary

In the past Cooper said contracts for construction and maintenance were awarded to the lowest bidder with no room for negotiation.  Cooper is asking the school board to hire an assistant for him with at least 15 years of experience in construction to deal with construction and maintenance firms.  He said hiring an assistant will help to lower costs and keep facilities maintained.

According to Dr. Cooper Northside High is not the only school in the parish to have discipline problems but you have to start implanting a new culture somewhere.  So far 30 students have been identified and removed from the general school population and placed in special contractual groups.  These students will be required to have their parents sign a contract to guarantee attendance and discipline.

Listen to the interview with Dr. Pat Cooper: