Lafayette Parish School System Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper said enrollment numbers continue to grow, despite the affect of charter schools, and "there are just piling into Lafayette right now."

Cooper, who joined "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning" on the first day of school, said "it's going to take a little while for our transportation department to kind of figure things out," and he said those kinds would be resolved within a couple days.

Cooper said the Lafayette school system would no be affected by a state law passed by the legislature during the most recent legislative session which would have required school systems to design their bus routes so that children did not have to cross the street to catch the bus. The attorney general's office, though, said it would not enforce the law because it seemed to be "unworkable" for most school districts. The legislation was introduced after an accident in the New Orleans area.

"It would have cost about another $3 million to implement that law because we'd have to have more buses, more drivers, so we did get a little bit of help on that one," Cooper said.

Despite the ongoing controversy between Cooper and the school board, he said qualified teachers are in the classrooms, and "the first day of school--that's what it's all about."