Lafayette Parish School Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss a possible tax vote and a new program aimed at helping students with children.  According to Cooper a new program will be instituted at Northside High School beginning in August 2013 whereby students with children will be allowed to bring their children to school with them.  Cooper said,

This is not baby-sitting  but a means to have the mother complete her education and receiving a high-school diploma while also receiving valuable parenting training.

Cooper went on to say,

Graduation rates where this program has been instituted have risen from 20 percent to 98 percent.

Dr. Cooper said there would be no additional cost to the school system,

Children of the student-mothers are already enrolled in pre-K so there will be no additional cost just a movement of the children from one facility to another.

Listen to the interview: