Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mike Neustrom joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" today to talk with the hosts about his bid for re-election.  Neustrom has been the sheriff for the last 12 years, and he highlights in the interview programs that he wants to continue working on.

Neustrom talked about one of the biggest issues facing those in the prison system being drugs.  He says the use of illegal drugs has skyrocketed among those being incarcerated, and he hopes to continue addressing the issue with substance abuse programs they have developed.  Neustrom also hopes to expand those programs.

Mike Neustrom says one of the other projects being worked on at the moment is a new facility for non-violent, non- sex crime offenders.  Neustrom hopes to use that facility to house those type of inmates at a reduced cost from the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.  Right now he says the average daily price for incarceration at LPCC is 50 dollars, while at the new facility it would be closer to the teens or low 20's.