The Lafayette City Parish Council has voted to defer a vote on an amnesty program for fines related to parking and traffic camera tickets.

A introductory proposal that passed the Lafayette City Parish council two weeks ago, and was up for final adoption last night, would have let people who owe fines for their Safelight/Safespeed violations off the hook.

It would have also meant an amnesty period for people who owe late fees for parking fines.  The council voted to wait on moving forward with the amnesty program until they find out whether or not the RedFlex Traffic Systems would share in the revenue from the fines.

Right now, Consolidated Government's contract with RedFlex dictates that they receive 40 percent of the fines for any traffic camera tickets while local government receives 60 percent.  Council members want to know if they would also receive money from any settlements under the amnesty program.

Right now, there are late fees owed on several thousand outstanding violations, and one-point-three-million dollars is owed just for the traffic camera tickets alone. More is owed for regular parking tickets and fines.