Today parts of Acadiana will see the actual air temperature reach 100 degrees or more. If you combine that with the humidity in the air the 'feels like' temperature for much of Acadiana for most of the afternoon and early evening will be in the triple digit readings.

The good news in this very steamy forecast is that a disturbance could creep into the picture by later today and that might spark off a better chance of showers for the late afternoon and early evening hours.

The Lafayette area has experienced 17 days in a row of afternoon temperatures exceeding 95 degrees. Today promises to be no different and with the heat index climbing to as high as 110 degrees in some places heat advisories will most likely be issued.

The tropics continue to be very quiet with only a small tropical wave noted off the African coastline. The National Hurricane Center is giving this system a 30% chance of strengthening into a tropical cyclone over the next five days.  The Center is also watching an area of low pressure off the Carolina coast. This system is given only a 10% chance of strengthening into a tropical cyclone.