The financial situation for Lafayette City Parish government is not looking that great as the Durel Administrations is looking at making some changes.  The heads of each department are being directed to look over every aspect of their budgets for places that could be cut in an effort to unloaded about five million dollars in expenses for the upcoming budget.  Council members will be looking at Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel's budget proposals during this summer's budget hearings.

City-Parish Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley says Durel's administration is working on the details of the new budget, but it is only in the preliminary stages right now.  As it stands with current figures, it would take about five million dollars in cuts to be able to make the new budget balance with the amount of revenue flowing into the Consolidated Government accounts.

The head of every department has been asked to look over their budgets to try to determine whether or not any cuts can be made within those departments.