Firefighters 2 (Flickr User AMagill)

An arrest yesterday stems from a June 19th fire.  55-year-old Nancy Rogers of Lafayette was connected by investigators to a fire that took place at the Levy-East Bed & Breakfast in Natchitoches.

State Fire Marshal “Butch” Browning told KPEL that investigators spent three months looking into the fire at the B&B and concluded that it was intentionally set.

Evidence that was found allowed investigators to get a warrant and search Rogers' home.  Further evidence was found there, leading to her arrest.

The fire caused extensive damage, at least half a million dollars according to investigators, however no one was injured as the property was not occupied at the time.

Police say that Rogers was seen at the Bed & Breakfast just hours before it went up in flames.  She is currently being held with no bond on one count of simple arson.