A rocky relationship has left a Lafayette woman dead. Lafayette Police say they were called out to an apartment of North Meyers Drive where they found a woman dead from a blow to the head. Douglas Johnson, who was at the home when police arrived, was taken into custody. Police have determined Johnson and the victim were involved in a relationship. The two had met up before driving to the apartment. There, it's believed they began arguing and that Johnson struck the victim in the head.

Johnson, who police are charging with the murder of Sadairea Rubin, tells them he heard a noise from the apartment upstairs, as if someone had fallen or was knocked to the ground. Johnson says he went to investigate, forced his way inside, and found a woman with a child inside. He says he then went back downstairs until police arrived. There, officers found Rubin dead from a blow to the head. They also say Johnson was behaving unusually. He has been taken to UMC for evaluation.