A Lafayette man is warning others about a woman who has approached him multiple times over the last few years asking for money, claiming that her sob stories are nothing but lies.

John J. Broussard posted a photo of the woman on Facebook after seeing her in the Pinhook Walmart parking lot walking with another woman who he believes was falling for her scheme.

Facebook, John J. Broussard

At the time of this post the photo Broussard posted to the KATC Facebook page had been shared over 2000 times. Furthermore, there were over 300 comments on the photo from people claiming that they had also been duped by the woman—all citing the same sob story from numerous locations around the Lafayette area.

UPDATE: After we posted the story on our Facebook page, hundreds of our listeners say they were approached and/or duped by the same woman. Below is a running list of the places people have encountered her.

Walmart on Pinhook

Whataburger on University

Cracker Barrel

Diocese of Lafayette

St. Elizabeth Seton

St. Leo Seton

Tobacco Plus (near airport)

Target on Louisiana Avenue

Shoe Station

McDonald's on Pinhook

Waffle House on Evangeline Thruway

Office Depot on Johnston

Tobacco Plus in Eunice

Walmart in Pineville

Party City

Taco Bell on I-10

Whole Foods

LaHaye Eye Center

Tobacco Plus in Duson

Lafayette Lanes

Racetrac on Ambassador

Super 1 in Carencro

Shell Station on Evangeline Thruway

Grand 16 Theater on Johnston

Burger King at Ambassador and I-10

Walmart in Broussard

Downtown Lafayette

Poupart's Bakery

Drug Emporium

Picante's in Carencro

Walmart in Houma

Jockey Lot Flea Market

Lafayette Airport

Walgreen's on Johnston & S. College

Pack & Paddle

Walgreen's on Pinhook & Kaliste Saloom

Outback Steakhouse

T&A Travel Center

Chevron on University & I-10


Academy on Louisiana Avenue

McDonald's on University

Dollar Tree on Evangeline Thruway

Chili's in Carencro

Burger King on Dulles

Lowes on Gloria Switch

Pilot in Breaux Bridge

Walmart in Breaux Bridge

Twisted Ink Tattoo

Lotus Garden

Urbano's on Pinhook

Walmart in New Iberia

Walgreen's on Pinhook and Bendel

Fremin's in New Iberia


Don's Seafood Hut

Home Depot on Evangeline Thruway

US Post Office on Feu Follet

Hardee's on Kaliste Saloom

Albertson's in Broussard

Winn Dixie on Ambassador and Dulles

Nimbeaux's Restaurant

Circle K on St. Landry and University

Alberston's on Johnston and S. College

I agree with John about wanting to help others in need, and even though we don't have hardcore proof that this woman was being dishonest, his story is what makes many (including myself) hesitate before being charitable in situations like the one he described.

It's very hard to believe that hundreds of people from all different areas of town and different walks of life could be lying about being duped in the exact same way, from the exact same woman.

On the flip side of this situation it's amazing to see how generous the people of Acadiana are—some people reportedly giving out $100 or more and others paying for multiple nights in hotels out of the kindness of their heart.

Have you been approached by this woman, or anyone else who was dishonest while asking for money?

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