'Better Block Bertrand' is a project being organized by The 705 group, Lafayette Consolidated Government, Trees Acadiana and various business sponsors.

Tomorrow morning volunteers will begin changing the streetscape of a two block section of Bertrand Drive. According to LCG's Chief Development Officer Kevin Blanchard,

It will be from the water tower on Bertrand Drive to Legends so it's about a two block section.

Part of the project includes narrowing Bertrand Drive down from four lanes to two lanes and we asked Blanchard what sort of impact the project would create. Blanchard said,

The first people we talked to was the traffic engineers. They said two lanes or four lanes it doesn't matter it's when you get to the intersections that matter. So the intersections will be clear and operate normally.

We asked Blanchard to explain the purpose of the one day project and he said,

We want to show people that you can make that road operate where you drive 25 mph instead of 50 mph and it means you can actually walk along the road and cross the road and engage in activities along the road without having to worry about getting run over.

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