Mark Pope, Environmental Quality Manager for Lafayette Consolidated Government visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to inform the audience of Household Chemical Day coming soon.

Household Chemical Day is scheduled for next Saturday October 19, 2013 and Pope says there is a reason he publicizes the event early.  According to Pope,

We've been doing the event for 20 years now and we've surveyed people and determined that the average time some household chemicals have been stored is 17 years...I encourage people to find and extricate their stored household chemicals this weekend and bring them to Cajun Field next Saturday.

Pope says there is one major restriction for people to dispose of household chemicals.

You must live in the City of Lafayette or the unincorporated parts of Lafayette Parish.  If you live in Youngsville, Duson, Scott, Carencro or Broussard I cannot let you in....I wish I could let everybody in, I wish I could let the whole world into dispose of their household chemicals properly.

There are other restrictions about what will be accepted for disposal.  Pope said,

We cannot accept motor-oil, tires and batteries.  We do not take them because there is a free disposal system for those items everyday of the week.  So, why should we tie up the line at Cajun Field with these items.

You can get more information about Household Chemical Day including what is acceptable for recycling and more by visiting

Listen to the interview: