UPDATE: Police have arrested Darrell Vital, the Lake Charles man accused of driving a car to Lafayette with the intention of setting it on fire to defraud an insurance company.

Lafayette fire investigator Alton Trahan said Vital was arrested in Lake Charles on June 13, and he was extradited to Lafayette last Friday.

Vital is charged with arson with intent to defraud.


(June 13, 2013) -- A Lake Charles woman has been arrested on charges stemming from a November 2012 vehicle fire at Acadiana Park on East Alexander Street.

Fire investigator Alton Trahan said Ashley John allegedly had her car driven to Lafayette from Lake Charles with the intention of setting it on fire. She later reported the car stolen in an alleged effort to defraud her insurance company, Trahan said.

John was arrested yesterday and booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on charges of arson with intent to defraud.

"Through the investigation," Trahan said, "it was determined that Ms. Ashley John was a conspirator in the disposal of the vehicle by burning for financial motives."

A second suspect, Darrell Vital of Lake Charles, allegedly drove the car to Lafayette, Trahan said. Lake Charles Police are assisting local investigators in finding him.

The case remains under investigation. Trahan said more arrests are possible.