On Governor Bobby Jindal's desk awaiting his signature is a bill that was introduced by New Orleans Representative Jeff Arnold that will allow movie theaters in Louisiana to sell beer.

Representative Arnold says he's not trying to create a bar atmosphere at theaters and says if the theaters don't follow the rules their permits will be revoked. We have enough of a hard time keeping underage teens from buying liquor with establishments we have now...do we need to add more availability? What will prevent a 21 year old from buying an overpriced beer at the counter, walk inside the theater and give it to a 17 year old?

Consider a movie patron in Florida recently shot and killed another patron because the victim was texting and it annoyed the shooter. I'll admit texting in a darken movie house ticks me off too but I don't think I would ever pull out a gun and blow somebody away. But you get one of these hotheads who is already prone to violence, get them liquored up, push them a little and the next thing you know you've got a brawl or a real 'gunfight at the OK Coral'.

I guess one of the positive considerations is the fact that if the beer in a movie is priced in the same manner as popcorn, candy and soft drinks nobody under the age of 21 will be able to afford beer.

Another thing to consider is the 'bathroom run'. Figure two hour movie and a 16 ounce brew...um...how long before you have to go? How many times will you have to go? What a major pain to be sitting in an end of the row seat and some middle age guy with a prostate problem sitting in the middle of the theater has a beer or two and will be up and checking the plumbing every 15 minutes during real dramatic moments of a movie.

I think there are too many negatives to make this bill a reality. I personally hope Governor Jindal will take time to veto this measure and I really can't believe it made it through both houses of the Louisiana Legislature. On the other hand considering all the cockamamie measures that were proposed and passed I guess this should be expected.