BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Even though a runoff seems all but inevitable in Louisiana's U.S. Senate race, Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu says she believes outright victory is possible Tuesday.

If that can't happen, Landrieu needs a strong enough showing on Election Day to energize her supporters and keep them believing a loss isn't looming in December.

A runoff election is set if no candidate receives more than half the votes in the race.

Landrieu's showing Tuesday, if she falls below 50 percent of the vote, could be a strong predictor in how difficult a Dec. 6 victory might be for her.

Polling shows the race moving to a head-to-head competition between Landrieu and Republican Bill Cassidy, a congressman. GOP contender and tea party favorite Rob Maness (MAY-ness) is running third.


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