(The following press release is from the Republican Party of Louisiana.)

In a desperate attempt to propel her stagnant flood insurance proposal, Senator Mary Landrieu released a campaign email and petition pleading for local support for her failing legislation.

Landrieu claims to be “indispensable” to Louisiana, yet the Democrat-controlled Senate has continually denied her policies a vote on the floor.

As a Senator who repeatedly claims to be the last Louisianian fighting for reform, she fails to mention the fact that Congressman Bill Cassidy already passed a flood insurance reform fix through the Republican House of Representatives.

“Landrieu’s bold statements and failure to back bipartisan legislation that positively affects the state of Louisiana proves that she is no longer fighting for her constituents, but rather doubling down on her support for the Obama administration’s failed liberal policies,” said LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere. “Mary is great at talking about how great she is, but the results aren’t matching the rhetoric.”

Cassidy’s bill is the closest to becoming a law than any other proposal made by members of the Louisiana Congressional Delegation.

“We ask Sen. Landrieu one question,” Villere said. “If Landrieu truly believes her claims of fighting for what’s best for Louisiana at all times, why isn’t she sending out a petition to push Cassidy’s proposal through the Senate rather than advocating for her own dormant legislation?”