WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Republican Congressman Jeff Landry introduced the Providing for Our Workforce and Energy Resources Act (the POWER Act). Congressman Landry says the POWER Act will close a loophole in existing law that allows offshore renewable energy resources to be installed or serviced by foreign workers."Our current economic situation is directly related to high energy prices. As we increase domestic energy production, we must ensure this energy is made by American workers," said Landry. "American maritime workers are the most qualified and safest workers in the world, and there is no reason that we cannot exclusively use their efforts to build and service renewable energy resources on the OCS just as we do for fossil fuel extraction."

Industry leaders strongly support the POWER Act. "This is wonderful legislation offered by Congressman Landry," declared Donald "Boysie" Bollinger – President of Bollinger Ship Yards. "All energy production from the OCS waters off the U.S. coasts needs to be serviced by Jones Act Vessels. America's maritime economy depends on preserving the Jones Act."

Landry is optimistic the bill will garner bipartisan backing and be signed into law. "There is nothing partisan about creating jobs. I am hopeful the POWER Act garners support from both sides of the aisle and quickly becomes law," concluded Landry.