Republican Congressman Jeff Landry weighs in on the Justice Department's plans to file a petition today asking the Supreme Court to uphold the individual mandate in the health reform law.

"Once again, the Obama Administration is wasting our hard-earned tax dollars to protect the unconstitutional, government mandate in Obamacare – a law that no one wants. At a time when our fragile economy and 9.2 percent unemployment rate are causing so many families to struggle to make ends meet, the last thing Americans need is another government mandate. Instead of ‘leading from behind’ with job-killing policies like Obamacare – he should follow my lead and work to put the Gulf of Mexico back to work, reduce bureaucratic red-tape on small businesses, and repeal this law so we can replace it with real solutions that make health care more affordable and more-patient centered."

Congressman Landry has voted against the legislation numerous times since he took office. Landry, who made his maiden speech on the House floor against Obamacare, declined his Congressional health care and retirement benefits.