Both the UL baseball and softball team's drove a victory home.

The UL baseball team managed to stop a late rally and took a win. With a final score of 6-5, including a grand slam hit by Dylan Butler in the second inning, the Cajuns moving to 10-7 on the season.

The Lady Ragin Cajuns played a whole other ball game with the final score ending with 6-0. The 10th-ranked team now stands at 23-0, and sets a new record for the most victories to begin a season. Christi Orgeron is having a great season as she hit her tenth homerun of the year last night.

The next game for the Lady Ragin Cajuns softball team is tomorrow in Arizona as they take on Arizona state at 8:30 PM. The next game for the Ragin Cajuns baseball team is Friday against Monroe at their home at 6:00 PM.