The Louisiana Department of Education has released ACT scores, and Lafayette Parish School System officials say 2015 had about the same number of students taking the test this year as last, and Lafayette Parish is now 14th among school districts up from 17th last year.

In 2013, Lafayette was ranked 5th in the state, and that was the same year that the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education required all students to take the ACT, not just those that were planning to go to college.

The state Department of Education reports that a record number of high school seniors across the state earned a score of 18 or higher this year on the ACT.

Lafayette Parish School Superintendent Dr. Donald Aguillard's goal is for all high school principals to improve ACT scores at our high schools. He is also working to have improvement in all areas of parish schools.

Aguillard says we won't see the fruit of this labor until 2017 as ACT results reported each year are actually the results from the year before.

We have requested average ACT test scores for Lafayette Parish high schools for 2013, 2014 and 2015.  We are still waiting for the information.