Bossier City Representative Mike Johnson is asking voters to support a proposed constitutional amendment this fall that establishes a property tax exemption for surviving members of a fallen first responder. He says a vote in favor of proposed amendment number 4 would be something that Louisianians can do to help these families in their time of great need.

"We feel helpless sometimes when we watch all these tragedies play out on the news with our law enforcement," said Johnson.

Johnson says it would apply to the family home of the spouses of any member of the armed forces, National Guard or a law enforcement or fire protection officer killed in the line of duty.

He says with so many tragedies occurring in recent months, passing an amendment like this would be the least we could do for those families of those who protect and serve.

"I know a little bit about that tragedy that these families face," said Johnson. "Certainly when they lose a loved one there are all sorts of financial stresses and other problems that the families face in the aftermath."

Johnson noted that tragedies like this really hit home for Louisiana as the state has the second highest number of officer deaths this year over last. He says the amendment on the ballot November 8th would provide some tax relief for those families and be a small, but important gesture.

"This says that they matter and we stand with those who are willing to be brave enough to go out and stand for all of us," said Johnson.