A civil suit filed yesterday by 23 old Kelly Buch claims that political influence was used to cover up her rape allegations. According to a report in the Daily Advertiser Buch claims that 23 year old John B. Lapoint of Lake Arthur raped her in October of 2013 in Lafayette. She further claims the rape complaint was dismissed because Lapoint is the nephew of Jefferson Davis District Attorney Michael Cassidy and the son of Jeff Davis Assistant District Attorney Bennett Lapoint and they used their influence with 15th Judicial District Attorney Mike Harson to have the complaint dismissed. Buch filed the lawsuit this week to meet the requirement of filing the suit within one year of the incident.

District Attorney Michael Cassidy faces reelection this November and thinks the lawsuit is motivated by Ric Oustalet Jr. who supports Wendell Miller, Cassidy's challenger.

Cassidy says there was no interference in the case.

The Lafayette Police Department and the District Attorney's Office of the 15th Judicial District never arrested or charged John Lapoint with any crime. There was no rape.


Buch, said she filed a complaint with the Lafayette Police Department in October, 2013 and police sent the complaint to District Attorney Mike Harson's office.